Future Self Driving Cars

There is one technology in particular that stands out as a disruption super-tsunami in waiting. Machine learning is a subfield of AI that makes it possible for computers to perform complex tasks for which they weren’t specifically programmed—indeed, for which they couldn’t be programmed—by enabling them to both gather information and utilize it in useful […]

NISSAN INVENTION: inductive charging system

      Nissan is working on an inductive charging system (wireless) for electric cars, and want to launch it in the future for mass production. The Japanese automaker presented the prototype of such a system for quite some time, but it was never released on the market because it was not strong enough to […]

The volkswageN scandal continues with other known models involved

     America has officially admitted that another 85,000 vehicles sold in the US are involved in the giant fake emissions scandal.     Company officials have admitted that the 3.0 V6 TDi engines, installed on many models, had device mounted to rig the tests. According to WorldCarFans.com, quoting the Chief of communication of Audi […]