Подарок ребенку: список-напоминалка

Что можно подарить ребенку? Кажется, нет ничего проще. Но в нужный момент – как будто затмение какое-то: ничего путного не вспомнить. Вот бы иметь список- напоминалку, из него и выбирать! С первого захода я составила список из 50 пунктов. Редактор сказал: “Мало!”. И был прав. Вторая версия – список на […]

Europe at the Forefront of the Second Quantum Revolution

The European Commission plans to invest a billion euros in quantum computing as part of a larger initiative to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in the digital economy. The investment, about $1.1 billion, will be made through an effort called Quantum Flagship, akin to existing “flagship” projects in the European Union focused […]

An Apple Plan for India

Apple reported record Q1 revenue yesterday, warning that Q2 iPhone sales may shrink slightly because global economic and social instability is bad for business. Wall Street responded its usual way and abandoned ship. Wall Street is wrong Apple already has a strategy for future growth. It has been developing it […]

Blu Vivo 5 (Unlocked)

Design, Display, and Features The Vivo 5C$269.99 at Amazon looks like a cross between the Apple iPhone 6s$649.00 at Apple Store and the aforementioned Honor 5X. It measures 5.98 by 2.94 by 0.27 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.04 ounces. It’s roughly the same size as the Honor 5X, but weighs about half an ounce […]